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Frequently Asked Questions









What do I need to provide for a computer repair?

Anything that is causing you an issue is required for a computer repair.  Of course the laptop or desktop unit is required but you might also be having problems with a printer, monitor, scanner, or software.  For laptops, a power cord is required.  I usually do not require a power cord be provided with desktops unless they use a special cord more like what is used with laptops.  This is common in slimline and all in one units.  Of course $35 is required upfront but applies to the final price as long as the unit or a purchased replacement is paid for in full and picked up within 7 days.


What do I need to provide for a video game console repair?

​The console, power cord, at least one game, and a controller are required.  If any special connections are required to connect to a TV/monitor, please bring those.  If any certain item or game appears to be causing or related to the problem, please include that too.  $35 is required upfront but applies to the final price as long as the unit or a purchased replacement is paid for in full and picked up within 7 days.



Why can I not provide an estimate over the phone or e-mail?

Like automobiles, computers are complicated devices and symptoms may be caused by a variety of faults.  For example, the common blue screen of death may be caused by software problems such as viruses as well as many different hardware failures such as bad RAM or a failing hard drive.  I will be unable to tell what the problem is and what it costs to repair without seeing the unit in person.  Also, there are "bid shoppers" that will take their unit to the person who gives them the lowest price.  Anyone can bid a low price over the phone and then revise it upward once they have it in person.


What is the typical turnaround time for repairs?

Common repairs, especially virus removal and operating system reloads, may be completed same day, overnight, or 2 days max.  I stock common components in order to streamline repairs.  Unfortunately not all systems are constructed with standard components and I may need to special order parts.  This is especially common on laptops and video game consoles.



Why do I charge $35 upfront per device provided for repair?

This is to make sure the owner is serious about the repair and won't leave the device behind without payment once repaired.  I also apply it to the final repair bill or replacement purchase within 7 days of repair completion or diagnosis, whichever comes later in an attempt to streamline the repair process and get devices back to their owner as soon as possible.


Do I take trade-ins or recycle outdated equipment?

Yes, trade-ins will be considered on broken or working computers/electronics.  I generally do not take trades on anything 2-3 years old or older.  Also, I like to work with a high-quality unit so Black Friday and discount store doorbusters are generally not considered.  Units used in dirty environments such as tobacco smoke are generally not of any use.  The overall condition is also analyzed.  If it costs more to fix than to just dispose of it, it has no value.  FREE recycling is also available for all computers and electronics with the exception of CRT tube type TVs and computer monitors for which a small fee may apply.  Go green and recycle those unwanted electronics such as computers, cell phones, batteries, and more.

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