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Repair and Electronic Services

All makes and models of electronic devices, from Apples to XBOXes, will require a little TLC from time to time.  I will be glad to help you with your issues, whether you are a home or business user.  I streamline common repairs for quality as well as quick turnaround times.  I also offer customized builds for your gaming system or productivity computer.


Do you have a residence, business, parking lot, farm, or other property you wish to have monitored by security cameras?  Cameras can be monitored remotely and record full HD 1080P or higher resolution footage if desired.  Cameras can be weather proof and be night vision capable.  Contact me today about available options.  I can setup as many or as few cameras as you require and systems can be designed for future expansion and the addition of more cameras.


Do you wish to be able to turn on the heat, air conditioning, or preheat the oven before you get home, all from the smart phone or tablet in the palm of your hand?  Setup and installation of for smart home automation devices is available.  An Apple or Android device is highly recommended for this application.


Have you recently purchased a new TV, stereo, DVD/Blu Ray player, or similar and are not able to hook it up or get it to work properly?  Call me for an appointment to get this equipment up and running.

Is your video game console down and out of the game?  Repairs are available for your Playstation, Wii, XBOX units, and more.  I repair all generations and form factors of video game consoles.  Upgrades to improve performance and reliability are also available in certain cases.  Get your game console repaired and get back into the game!


NOTE: Mods are not suggested due to the fact they may void your warranty and lead to your console being banned or remotely disabled by the console manufacturer.


I also repair other electronic devices such as MP3 players/iPods, tablets/iPads, TVs, and more.  Contact me for more information.



Have a problem with your computer or is it simply running slowly?  I repair all makes and models of computers and specialize in laptops.  Services include virus removal, data recovery, as well as hardware repairs and upgrades.  I offer quick turnaround times on common repairs so you are not without your computer any longer than necessary.  Mobile services with pickup and dropoff, as well as house calls are available.  I am offering FREE pickup with any job for a limited time within most of the Rolla city limits (limitations apply).


Do you have a computer that will no longer turn on or you have otherwise given up on?  Has a storm or power surge damaged your computer?  Has your laptop been dropped, attacked by the dog, or had something spilled on it?  Are you frustrated with the new interface of Windows 8 and want something you can actually use?  I can help with all these issues and more.

I also custom build computers for your business or gaming use.  Do you have a CNC mill/lathe or computer operated sewing machine that requres a certain port or other component to operate?  Contact me for more information?

Computer Repair and Sales

Security Camera Installation, Home Automation, and Audio-Visual Setups

Video Game Console and Other Electronic Repairs

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